Tuesday, January 31, 2012

On Writing - Realization & Change

I had... well, I had thought I was pretty close to complete w/ Part 1 of Darkness Before Light - the current title of my story.  Upon reflection and some recent feedback, I think I've been aiming far too grand for my first story.

Originally had I planned a series of "short" stories to form an over all story, similar to the Bolos! novels.  But I think that was an artifact of my own impatience and now I am refocusing on telling the entire story behind Part 1.

Previously I had a climactic battle between my two main groups, the Terrans and Draconians.  It ended with a scene many years later of a worn out character.  The story after the battle is missing.

Reading _The Hunger Games_ last week helped with assimilating this, too.  Collins does such a good job of beating the snot out of her protagonists, but still making them challenged & likable, that I realized I was missing much of that.  There wasn't any characters that really had meat to them, although in my mind, I felt that they did.

The problem was that none of the meat is written.  The last scene had the most emotion in it and it was probably one of my favorite scenes to write.  But what of the 20K words before it?  Lots of action, giant robots, rail cannons, laser beams, plasma, and people dying - but not much character.  Those scenes have merit and I'm keeping them, but the story around them is missing.

So now I'm going back to fill in the blanks between Chapters 3 & 4 of Part 1, Darkness Before Light.

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