Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On Poetry: Reason to Burn

Did you know?  April is National Poetry Month!  Since I have a past of writing sappy love poetry, I figured I'd share a few poems over the course of the month.  It's been years since I've written with most of what I'm sharing having been written in the mid-late '90's and a few 'round 2004.

This particular poem, Reason To Burn, was written for a young lady I had a crush on who lived quite a ways away.  It was, of course, one of those early "online" romances.  Me, a shy introspective guy, met and talked to a young lady who lived a few states away.  We talked on the phone all the time, mailed pictures back and forth, and generally kept in touch all throughout my high school and college years.  During that time I wrote a few poems dedicated to her.

A note on form:  I was obsessed with iambic pentameter (Shakespearean Sonnet) when I first learned to write something that wasn't just free-style poetry.  This was in my senior year of high school.  Since then, I experimented with various combinations of syllables and rhyming schemes.

Enjoy, +1, & feel free to comment/share!

Reason To Burn

See the sunlight between us
Bringing our hearts closer by day
With so many miles separating us
Not even that will stand in the way

You can bring the best out in life
And show the world how to turn
Bringing joy from the deepest strife
And giving my heart a reason to burn

One day you will see the fire
Bright and glistening behind my eyes
Building with the passion you inspire
Releasing prayers across lonely skies

One night I hope to share with you
In a darkened room, candle lit
Gazing into the starry midnight blue
My heart and what's buried in it

And if your love is the same
Then maybe God will bless us
Guiding with his brilliant flame
Our hearts and the hope within us

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