Monday, April 30, 2012

On Poetry: Against All We Thought We Knew

I figured I'd end National Poetry Month with another of my sappy love poems from years ago.  This was written with the hope in mind that I'd, as a introspective and wanderlust-obsessed teenager, find someone to truly fall in love with.

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Against All We Thought We Knew

How much time do we spend 
Sending prayers to silent skies 
While trying not to give in 
To lonely, desperate sighs

We're always asking when 
We're always asking who 
Thinking of all that's been 
Love that hasn't proved true 

Then water falls on a field 
Barren, where no love grew 
Hard soil that's slow to yield 
Against all we thought we knew 

A smile and a slow, sweet kiss 
A hug and two hands, together 
In those hearts, there's a bliss 
In those hearts, there's another 

Life without and love without 
Another soul and another heart 
Is no life, just more doubt 
Its love tearing itself apart

- Ryan A. Goodwin

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